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Fetal Hydrops, Conditions That Can Threaten Infant's Life

Hydrops fetalis is a condition where there is severe swelling in two or more parts of the baby's body in the womb or a newborn, for example in the lung and heart organs. This condition includes dangerous conditions that can threaten the lives of infants. Several countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, have higher rates of fetal hydrops cases compared to countries in Europe and America. This is caused by the high frequency of cases of alpha thalassemia, a disease that affects the emergence of fetal hydrops. Types of Fetal Hydrops According to the Causes There are two types of fetal hydrops, namely immune and non-immune. Both have different causes. The following is the explanation: Immune fetal hydrops This condition occurs due to rhesus mismatch, which is when the rhesus of a pregnant mother's blood is negative and rhesus of the baby's blood in the womb is positive. This discrepancy makes the immune system of the body of pregnant women consider the baby
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Know the Role of the Oral Surgeon and the Disease Treated

An oral surgeon is a specialist dentist who treats diseases of the mouth, teeth, jaw and tongue, especially with surgery. Oral surgeons need to have a dental education background, then complete specialist education in the field of oral surgery. The range of fields handled by oral surgeons is quite extensive. Oral surgeons need to master dentistry as well as general surgery. In addition, oral surgeons also need to attend specialized education for 5-6 years (around 12 semesters) after becoming a dentist. To deal with various conditions experienced by patients, oral surgeons also often collaborate with other specialist doctors, such as dentists and their specialty branches, ENT surgeons, plastic surgeons, and oncologists. Diseases that can be treated by oral surgeons Oral surgeons have in-depth knowledge about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases or conditions that occur in the mouth or jaw. The following are various conditions that can be handled by oral su

Utilizing Artificial Insemination to Get Pregnant Fast

For most husband and wife, pregnancy is the long-awaited thing. However, not all couples can get a pregnancy naturally. As a solution, artificial insemination is one technique that can be used to create pregnancy. Artificial insemination is done to shorten the path of sperm, so that it can get through obstacles that might occur. Sperm will be directly inserted into the cervix, fallopian tubes (fallopian tubes), or uterus. One of the most widely used techniques is inserting sperm directly into the uterus or intrauterine insemination (IUI). Helps with certain conditions of infertility Some conditions of male and female infertility that can take advantage of artificial insemination procedures so that pregnancy occurs more quickly, include: Low sperm count or sperm that cannot travel too far. Ejaculation or erectile disorders. Hormonal disorders in women that cause irregular periods. The presence of endometriosis, scar tissue in the cervical wall, or other abnormalities in the fe